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Witness the birth of sapient AI in this sprawling atmospheric hacking adventure.

Expanding upon traditional Metroidvania progression mechanics, Recompile challenges players to explore, fight, hack and survive.
Discover the many secrets beneath the ancient digital landscape, and prepare for system-wide reconfiguration.

Recompile aims to be the first ever Metroidvania-style game to include multiple, highly dynamic critical paths. Your play style and choices matter, weaving together a narrative unique to you as the true nature of the mysterious virtual world is revealed.

The game's entire narrative takes place within 1 second of real time.

Recompile adopts a unique low-poly art style backed by striking visual effects, and features a glitchy, eclectic soundscape to showcase a deeply cinematic experience set in a purely digital world.


The moment-to-moment gameplay of Recompile features 4 core mechanics :-

  • Explore the ancient, sprawling ruins of the Mainframe and discover a range of traversal abilities to help you on your journey towards attaining true sapience.

  • You, The Program, must decide on whether to help or hinder the denizens of the Mainframe. The inhabitants are strange and diverse, and many are found to be inherently hostile. A full complement of powerful weapons and abilities are available to help you survive, defend and destroy.

  • Every single environmental feature, including power grids, locked doors and even huge enemy spawning systems are all powered by intricate, interconnected logic gate circuitry. Nothing is hardcoded, everything is systemic, and everything fully exploitable.

  • Logic gates can be freely inverted, overridden or disabled entirely, allowing puzzles or other threatening obstacles to be peacefully and safely bypassed. Even the inhabitants themselves can be tampered with, their programming changed to follow the player's commands.


Recompile is carefully crafted by a lean, multi-disciplined team of 4 :-

PHI DINH - Code & Game Design
Programmer, Designer and Director of Recompile.
Passionate about procedural generation & AI, Phi was also responsible for the dungeon escape game TinyKeep. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter and lead to the creation of the independent game studio Phigames.

Animator and Visual Effects Artist, ex-Improbable.
Vin is responsible for creating polished animations & visual effects to accompany the glitchy, low-poly environment, and help Recompile really pack a punch in the motion graphics department.

RICHARD EVANS - Sound Design & Music
Composer, Sound Designer and Adaptive Music Expert.
Long-term repeating collaborator of Phigames, Richard contributes highly dynamic, eclectic music & punchy sound design for Recompile. His work on the adaptive music brings a new level of interactivity & richness rarely seen in modern games.

FAYE SIMMS - Narrative & Puzzle Design
Comic Artist, Narrative Designer and Writer.
A prolific comic artist currently working on Steampunk series The Foldings. Faye is responsible for the herculean task of writing the intricate branching storylines, transforming Recompile into a unique narrative experience never before seen in this genre.


Although Recompile is still in development, the game has seen a number of notable mentions by press and popular industry influencers, and has been selected for showcasing at various festivals and events.

  • "This hack-happy Metroidvania's raw energy powers our curiosity " - Edge Magazine
  • "Recompile feels just as good as it looks" - Eurogamer
  • "Certainly one of the best representations of code and neural networks I have seen in a game" - VG247
  • "Recompile is an intriguing 3D metroidvania to keep an eye on for next year" - Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Recompile could prove to be something very special indeed" - Wireframe Magazine
  • "12 cool-looking indie games in development right now" - PC Gamer
  • "Gorgeous effects-fest also happens to be one of the most satisfyingly-punchy action games I've played" - Rami Ismail
  • "Your game annoys me because it looks so good" - Mike Bithell
  • Day of the Devs 2018, Official Selection - Day of the Devs, San Francisco
  • The RPS Sessions, Official Selection - Rock Paper Shotgun, EGX Rezzed, London


Recompile is currently in active development by the independent game studio Phigames.

Please contact Phi Dinh for more information, or reach out to us on Twitter.


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